It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 02/25/16

NFL News

– Adam Gase tells a source he is going through a process with Ryan Tannehill to become more productive on the field.

– The Seahawks will continue building their offensive line the same way they always have.

– Jay Gruden told the Washington Post that they drafted Matt Jones with the intent of making him the featured back.

– The Lions GM talked with Calvin Johnson and he says Calvin did not tell him he is doing so.

– Bruce Arians says that Miami screwed up not hiring Todd Bowles when he was the interim head coach there.

– There are some teams that are just now figuring out you have to wait for first rounders to develop before they become productive.

– Jason Pierre Paul has sued ESPN and Adam Schefter for illegally obtaining medical records of his finger.

– Dirk Koetter, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, initially wanted Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston.

– A QB from Arkansas worked with a massage therapist to stretch out his fingers before the combine because he felt his hand size is a wee bit too small.

NFL Analysis

– Gordon McGuiness breaks down the Ravens free agency.

– Ben Stockwell breaks down what the Steelers should do in free agency. He also analyzes the Cincinnati Bengals free agency as well. 

– Peter King’s mailbag is here and he states that it is no longer safe to use a top-10 pick on a tackle.

– Chase Stuart promotes a thought experiment between Earl Campbell and Marshall Faulk.

– The NFL is pondering changes to make the combine more competitive, like the Olympics, says Robert Klemko.

– Scott Kacsmar analyzes the weird record of one Matthew Stafford of Detroit.


– Gary Kubiak ‘thinks the world’ of Demarcus Ware.

– Cameron Wolfe asks who will the next talented but troubled prospect be for the Broncos in this year’s draft. Here’s to hoping Laremy Tunsil will start smoking weed right about now…

– Some notes from the combine thanks to Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post.

– Troy Renck tells readers what the Broncos need to accomplish within the next couple of weeks.

– According to Jeff Legwold, Gary Kubiak says the players should enjoy the win until it’s time to move on. He also says the Broncos want to test the football knowledge of linemen coming out in the draft.

Silliness and Shenanigans

– First Take asks “Why is Tebow America’s fifth favorite quarterback?”

– Gronk’s Party Ship™ was the most fun one fan ever had at a party.


“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

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