It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 02/24/16

NFL News

– Teams typically deceive when talking about who they are going to draft so take this for what it is worth. Stephen Jones of the Dallas Cowboys said earlier that they are prepared to take a QB with their first pick.

S Sean Richardson wants to return to the NFL after having his second cervical fusion surgery done.

– Tom Coughlin is heading to the combine despite not being hired with a team yet.

– 49ers sign TE Garrett Celek to a four-year extension.

– Bruce Allen says RGIII won’t be with the Generals next season.

– Jacksonville Jaguars Dante Fowler was immediately embarrassed after a fight between his wife and his baby’s mother was caught on video and went viral.

NFL Analysis

– Draft analyst Mike Mayock compares QB Carson Wentz to one Andrew Luck.

– Thomas Maney suggests the Bears need to sign some offensive weapons and look for defensive help in free agency.

– Michael Renner advises the Packers to sign Casey Heyward before he hits the market.

–  Steven Ruiz argues that Chip Kelly has to change the way he interacts with players or risk failing as a coach again.


– Another analysis answering the question: Are the 2015 Broncos defense the greatest of all time?

– Apparently, the Broncos are offering Malik Jackson more than $10 million per year. Troy Renck confirms.

– Troy Renck suggests that John Elway will try to draft offensive linemen early and often.

– Von Miller will hold a summer football camp in Englewood, CO.


Charlie Sheen tweeted some advice to Johnny Manziel.

– Gronk’s Party Ship™ wasn’t all fun and games as they have become involved in a lawsuit.

– 29 people don’t know who won the Super Bowl.

– Evan Mathis becomes the seventh player to criticize Chip Kelly during his stint in the NFL.

– Apparently, the interviewers at the combine ask really weird questions like: “Do you think your mother is attractive?” Matt Bowen confirms the wackiness of the test.


– Victor Cruz argues no one judges Gronk’s hard partying lifestyle because he is completely open about it. Who knew honesty is the best policy?

The one thing that drove me crazy about the steroid scandal in MLB: Most players who had obviously taken steroids never admitted it or vehemently denied they did. The players who are infamous in baseball like an A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmiero, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Sammy Sosa all became hated because they lied (or didn’t admit) about taking a substance. But, one baseball player in particular is still beloved by all fans around NY, Jason Giambi, even though he did take steroids. Why? Because he was open about his situation and became transparent.


“Honesty is the best policy.”

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