It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 02/20/16

Peyton Manning

– Peyton Manning, in addition to his PED and sexual assault allegation, now also has to deal with a possible academic fraud incident that took place in 1994.

Via Hobson, an October 2002 deposition of former Tennessee athletic director Doug Dickey contains an exchange in which Naughright’s lawyer asked whether Naughright had spoken to associate A.D. Carmen Tegano “about the possibility of Peyton Manning having committed academic fraud” in a 1994 course taught by Tegano, which featured Naughright as a guest lecturer.

That question appears at page 63 of Dickey’s deposition transcript. However, at no point during or after the question or before or during the answer does Manning’s lawyer request that the matter be treated as confidential. At page 77, after Naughright’s lawyer presents to Dickey two documents for inspection and questioning, Manning’s lawyer requests that the questions and answers regarding the documents be placed in the “confidential record” of the case.

While it’s possible that, only 14 pages before asserting confidentiality regarding documents relating to the secret 1994 incident, Manning’s lawyers failed to make the same request regarding questions on the same topic, most lawyers don’t allow such matters to slip through the legal equivalent of the five hole. The two documents that triggered the confidentiality request at page 77 of the Dickey deposition had been introduced only one week earlier during the deposition of Jamie Naughright. Thus, Manning’s lawyer was well aware of the sensitivity of the 1994 allegation — and the lawyers undoubtedly were ready to ensure that any sensitive information would be kept out of the public record of the case.

That said, it’s one thing for the lawyers to have asked general questions about possible academic fraud; it’s quite another for the lawyers to have produced a pair of documents that arguably (or actually) substantiated it.

Until someone discloses the details of the 1994 incident that was removed from the 74-page document published last week by the Daily News, it will remain exactly what it has been for the last six days: A mystery.

– Peyton Manning also denied acccusations from one letter from Malcolm Saxon to Peyton Manning that accused him of more sexual assault allegations. Michael McCann, legal analyst, analyzes the testimony.  

NFL News

– Ravens TE, Nick Boyle has been suspended 10 games for violating the PED policy.

TE Heath Miller has called it quits.

– Rams cut three players including DE Chris Long. James Laurinatis is shocked that the Rams decided to part ways with him.

– Chiefs cut T Tavon Rooks who suffered a heart attack (non-football illness)

– Cowboys DE Randy Gregory has been suspended four games for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

– The Eagles want Sam Bradford back with them if the price is right.

– Lions release DT CJ Wilson.

NFL Analysis

–  Ravens have made three bad contracts, Jamison Henley argues.

– Bill Barnwell continues his Five Moves series with the NFC North.

– Mike Tanier writes about the QB carousel happening across the league, in particular Kirk Cousins and Brock Osweiler.

– Matt Miller released a pre-combine scouting notebook yesterday.


– Mark Kiszla asks if Malik Jackson will be in the same division as the Broncos next season.

– Von Miller explained his chicken farming plans the other day on Mike and Mike.

– Woody Paige states that the Denver defense is one for the ages.

– Troy Renck details some of the complications that may be happening in the front office pertaining to keeping or letting  Brock Osweiler walk to free agency.


“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” – Anonymous

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