It’s All Orange, Fat Man: 02/18/16

NFL News

– Bill Belichick, if asked, prefers not to use combine specific training methods at his facility.

– Brice McCain is getting a had start in free agency by staying in Tamp Bay for his upcoming visit at the beginning of the FA period.

– Manny Ramirez will probably not be playing with the Lions next year.

– Greg Jennings tells reporters that he doesn’t know if his QB, Ryan Tannehill, has the ‘it’ factor or not.

– As expected, LeSean McCoy’s attorney is saying that he did nothing wrong after his potential and alleged assault on some police officers.

– Jimmy Haslam tells fans that they should expect significant improvements from the Browns this season.

– Cameron Wake and Dolphins are trying to come up with an extension.

– The Panthers are trying to sign Josh Norman before doing anything else this free agency.

NFL Anlaysis

– Nathan Jahnke of PFF states that the Saints should cut more players and look to add situational pass rushers into their lineup.

– Matt Claassen breaks down the Atlanta Falcons free agency┬ádecisions.

– Jason from OTC, goes over some of the real salary increases players should look for.

– Peter King believes that patience will pay off for the Redskins in their current breakdown in talks with Kirk Cousins. He also touches on the Peyton Manning allegations.


– Jeff Legwold states there will be some changes in the Broncos OL next year.

– A group does what only a group would do, they are calling for Peyton Manning’s drop from his Nationwide and Papa Johns sponsors after his not-so-recent allegations have “come” out. I think this is all that groups do, get offended at something, threaten your sponsors which forces you to apologize for what you said, and then still try to get you fired because they don’t like you.


– The Texan A&M Aggies and the Colts have settled on the “12th Man” trademark lawsuit.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” – Aesop

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