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The analysts and professionals in the world of football have turned away from the analysis of the Super Bowl and turned their focus onto free agency, franchise tags, and salary cap economics (also known as “Caponomics”). Which is good for us considering we have two of the most brilliant geniuses in Bob Morris and Nick Korte, both with a street doctorate in Capology and a minor in Finance. They both do a great job in helping us uneducated folk navigate the complex road of roster and cap structures in the world of football. Also helping us yesterday was another one of our great contributors, Ray Crane, who provided us with a good plan for the Broncos to execute this coming free agency.

However, not all the stories around the NFL are as informative or educational which means they have somewhat deviated to the silliness and/or shenanigans in the spotlight. So, even though the content will be much more light, it will probably be twice as interesting, or in the case of Chad Johnson: just plain gross in the eyes of many. Albeit, there may be actual health benefits.

Here is your news for the day:

Yesterday’s Highlights (in case you missed it):

“What Happens Now?” – Ray Crane

“Offseason Primer: Positions, Prorities, and Players” – Bob Morris

“Offseason Primer: Possible Franchise Tag Candidates” – Bob Morris

“How the Broncos Might Keep Ryan Clady Around” – Bob Morris


– The comparisons begin. A couple of days following the conclusion of Super Bowl 50, Michael Renner of Pro Football Focus compares the 2013 Seahawks defense to that of the 2015 Broncos.

– Gordon McGuinness discusses the top eight RBs entering free agency. In addition, Matt Claassen identifies the top ten CBs to enter free agency.

– Andrew Healy and Sterling Xie of Football Outsiders recap the 2015 NFL season.

NFL offseason key dates to pay attention to.

– Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO, Clark Hunt, announced unsurprisingly that the Chiefs have the pieces in place to win the Super Bowl.

– Matt Bowen, former safety for the Redskins, talks about how player’s lifestyle changes after they get cut by their team. 

– A couple of days ago, Bill Barnwell ranked the reasons for a Super Bowl upset.

– Andrew Hawkins, WR for the Cleveland Browns, argues that if the NFL were to widen the field, less injuries would occur.


– According to Wade Phillips, the Super Bowl win would not have been as good without Lady Gaga’s performance.

– Just in case you missed it, Chase Stuart provided a statistical review of the Peyton Manning-led Broncos from 2012-2015.

– Bronco players will have to pay income taxes in the state of California for the Super Bowl which could mean thousands of dollars.

– Von Miller visited the Late Late Show hosted by a James Corden wearing glasses probably designed by Lady Gaga’s drunk hairdresser. KWebb, Danny Trevathan, and CJ Anderson also made an appearance on ESPN.

Peyton Manning

– Bill Polian, when asked about whether Peyton should have a role in a team’s front office, stated that Peyton “would be ready immediately.”

– Peyton Manning’s Budweiser endorsements caused from answering uncomfortable questions about his future in football have paid off but, not from Budweiser. The Brewers Association sent him some craft beer for his mentions.

Cam Newton

– Former Super Bowl coach for the Giants, Jim Fassell, says that Cam Newton’s gold cleats are indicative of him becoming mentally soft.

– Gil Brandt makes a case for Cam being the #1 QB in the NFL.

Cam did the right thing by talking about his awkward leave from his press conference sooner rather than later, says ESPN’s David Newton.

– For the Win points out that Tom Brady also left his press conference after a regular season loss to the Miami Dolphins in 2013 and yet no one seemed to care.

– Conan O’Brien and his co-host Andy make fun of Cam sulking during his press conference by doing one of their own.

– In a behind-the-scenes video, Andy Griffith talks to Cam Newton on his show about why it is so important to follow through. This is absolutely hilarious even if you are getting tired of the press conference talk.

It Sucks to be Andy Dalton

– Andy Dalton’s is being “conservative” with throwing the ball due to an injury with his thumb he sustained during the regular season. Chances are likely he will be ready for OTAs.

– In other news, Andy Dalton’s suitcases fell out of his truck. Please let him know if you find them via Twitter.

Personnel Decisions

Giants LB Jon Beason retired while both OL Will Beatty and Geoff Schwartz were cut. 

– Eagles have resigned LB Najee Goode to a one year deal.

– WR Jace Davis, University of Northern Colorado alumni, has been released from the Denver Broncos. They also signed a bunch of players to future’s contracts, including one Ryan Murphy, who was sent home due to his involvement in a prostitution sting before the Super Bowl.

– Former Denver Broncos RB, Jeremiah Johnson, known for being a fill-in back for the Tebow years, has signed with the B.C. Lions in the CFL.


– San Diego Union Tribune’s Mock Draft.

– Mike Mayock, draft analyst, calls Carson Wentz the best QB prospect in this year’s draft.


– ESPN confirms what we at In Thin Air have all been expecting. Von Miller will be placed with the franchise tag starting on February 16th.

– The New Orleans Saints have frontloaded so much of Drew Brees salary that 10 million of his guaranteed 20 million for next year has already kicked in.  They are also in a worse economical state than the 2008 United States as detailed by Jason Fitzgerald from OTC.

– Jason Fitzgerald also predicts the Broncos will use a second round tender on CJ Anderson.

Hall of Fame Debates

– Terrell Owens has some beef with Cris Carter claiming the former Minnesota Viking kissed someones hoo-hah to get into into the Hall of Fame.

– Lynn Swann suggests that Calvin Johnson should not be a Hall of Fame candidate because he didn’t contribute enough to the success of his team. 


– Josh Morgan, ex-Redskins WR, pulled a Plaxico Burress and shot himself while cleaning his gun. He was charged with reckless endangerment as a result.

– It has been revealed that Chad Johnson, former WR for the Bengals, went full-on Bear Grylls when treating injuries to his ankle. He told Mike and Mike in the Morning yesterday that he plunged them in his teammate’s warm urine.

– More trouble in Cleveland ensues but this time it’s not from Johnny Manziel. Armonty Bryant, DE, has been arrested on felony drug charges.


– Jerry Jones does not like going to the Super Bowl if his team isn’t there. Duh.

– Here are the self-proclaimed “Best Cartoons” of the 2015 NFL season. The Centaur of Elway kicking Tom Brady is my personal favorite.

– Will Leitch ranks the most tortured fan bases in the NFL. The Broncos nicely rank 32nd because Broncos fans are awesome.

– ESPN predicts the next 25 Superbowl champions, in case you are interested in that sort of thing.


“If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Anonymous

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