Jason Fitzgerald’s Top 10 Broncos Contract Moves

If you hate slideshow formats as much as I do, here’s the list in its entirety.  I’ll save my opinions in the comments:

  • 10. Slow-playing their hand with Evan Mathis
  • 9. Signing T.J. Ward to an affordable contract
  • 8. Allowing Orlando Franklin to leave in free agency
  • 7. Extending Chris Harris
  • 6. Signing Aqib Talib
  • 5. Taking a chance on DeMarcus Ware
  • 4. Forcing Peyton Manning to take a paycut
  • 3. Replacing Julius Thomas with Owen Daniels
  • 2. Signing Emmanuel Sanders instead of Eric Decker
  • 1. Hiring John Elway as GM