The 2016 Compensatory Picks Projection At OTC Is Finalized

You can find the details, all in their glory, at this linkYou know the big picture for the Broncos by now, but there are three Broncos-centric points that I’ll emphasize here:

  • Julius Thomas has been going back and forth on the 3rd/4th cutoff bubble, so it’s only fitting that he now is the cutoff bubble.  That’s literal: Thomas was the representative player as the 104th highest ranking player in the league in the regular season out of 2088 total, barely making the top 5%.  However, if my rankings are off by just one or two players, or my snap count adjustments are off, Thomas could just as easily be a 4th instead.  Prepare yourselves equally for either to happen.
  • Owen Daniels also barely squeezed his way above the 5th/6th cutoff, and he could go either way as well.  That doesn’t matter for the Broncos, as he’ll cancel out Rahim Moore no matter what he’s valued.  But it will improve the comp pick the Ravens are projected to get for Daniels up to a 5th rounder.
  • I did lay out one possible scenario in which the Broncos could get a fourth comp pick, a 7th for Jacob Tamme, but so much has to go right for them that I’d consider it a Lloyd Christmas type chance, akin to the Colts’ Week 17 playoff hopes.  Count on the Broncos getting just three comp picks for the 2016 NFL Draft.