Broncos Playoff Standings: 2015 Week 17

You like playoffs! You. Like. Playoffs!

The Broncos needed a win plus a Jets or Steelers loss to get in, and that’s what they got.  Step 1 is complete, but there’s far more work to do. The playoff ticket may have been printed, but the seed on that ticket has yet to be written–and it can be any number but 4.  Here’s how the Broncos can end up in the other five seeds as they prepare for the Chargers next week:

  • #1: DEN win AND NE loss (@ MIA)
  • #2: DEN win AND NE win, OR DEN loss AND CIN loss (vs. BAL) AND KC loss (vs. OAK)
  • #3: DEN loss AND CIN win AND KC loss
  • #5: DEN loss AND KC win AND NYJ loss (@ BUF)
  • #6: DEN loss AND KC win AND NYJ win

EDIT: since I ended this article a bit anti-climatically, let’s throw in this beauty to conclude.