Bengals/Broncos Final Injury Reports

It’s been known for a while that Andy Dalton will miss the big game in Denver.  But the Bengals will also be down at least one, and perhaps two other important players:

Eifert, of course, has had a breakout season as the next young rising tight end, but he has yet to be cleared from the concussion protocol.  Iloka, on the other hand, has quietly had a strong season as his contract is on the verge of expiring.  Losing such a safety could be troublesome for the Bengals.

The Broncos, of course, know all too well the danger of being down safeties.  Denver’s final injury report has yet to be released, but for now, Lindsay Jones reports a little bit of good news on this front:

When anyone gets word of the Broncos’ final report, please feel free to post it in the comments, or edit it into this post if you have the ability.

Meanwhile, as to Jones’s reference to “healthier” players, she also reports this news that, for anyone paying attention to the Broncos, should be no surprise:

UPDATE (1:20 PM MT):