NFL Rookie Diaries: Shane Ray

Via The Players’ Tribune:

Von is the guy who teaches me the physical stuff. DeMarcus is the veteran — the guy whose brain I just want to pick. He’s so much more technical. We’ll be watching film, and he’ll stop, rewind, and replay it in slow motion.

“Hey, did you guys see that? The quarterback is leaning before he snaps the ball. If you key on that, it can help you get off the ball faster.”

We’re all looking around at each other.

I didn’t notice that … you?

Nope, me neither.

DeMarcus picks up on things nobody else in the room sees because he’s just been doing it for so much longer.

I’ve been on the record several times as saying that DeMarcus Ware is a likely cap casualty for 2016.  But stories like this told from Ray help to slow my roll.  Even though Ware has been limited this year on the field, his behind the scenes contributions can’t be taken for granted.

Ray’s entire entry is worth a full read.