Doc Podcast, and My Thoughts on the Oz Situation

What’s up in-thinair, been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to post. School’s been super hectic with college apps and such, and I don’t see that letting up. I’ll try to make it on here to post sporadically, but unfortunately I won’t be posting multiple times a week like I was in the summer.

I know this is a little late (seeing as I’m still trying to forget about the Chiefs game) but Doc guest starred on the In the Huddle podcast with Jake Marsing last Thursday. I’m not much of a podcast guy myself, but listening to these guys talk Chiefs while knowing what happened is kind of great in an existential, zen way. Not to mention that it’s always great to hear Doc give his insight, and there are definitely some interesting tidbits.

As well all know by now, Peyton will be sitting this week. Here’s a prediction: Brock Osweiler will not lose a game starting for us this season. That sounds bolder than it is, seeing as Kubiak has seemingly made it fairly clear that Peyton will play if healthy. Oz can beat the Bears; in fact, I think he will have a great game. At the same time, he could throw eight touchdowns, and Kubiak still wouldn’t bench Peyton. You need to respect your players, and you unfortunately can’t bench a Hall of Fame quarterback. Even if you could, Kubiak isn’t exactly the gutsy innovator to do so.

I won’t go into detail on Osweiler, mainly because I already have (a few times). He will be good. Now, this is a difficult situation to start a career in. But he has had four years of prep time, so all the pressure should be manageable. I would put his expectations at that of a rookie’s, since a rookie doesn’t have this much pressure, but also doesn’t have this much experience.

Even if he were terrible, what do we have to lose? Hey, at least his interceptions will likely be 40 yards downfield. I love Peyton, so this is hard to say, but his play has been inexcusable lately. Maybe he is just hurt, but you don’t recover from injuries as easily at 39. I can make excuses all day, but he threw up floater after floater last week. Peyton has been throwing 10 yard ducks, and his decision making has somehow deteriorated as well. He is as inaccurate as Jake Locker, with the arm of a Bernie Kosar at best. His play has been, and will continue to, deteriorate; this team cannot be a contender with Peyton at the helm. It’s a shame, seeing as this is the best defense I’ve seen in a while. They can only carry us so far however. If Kubiak were to play Oz the rest of the season, we will do better than with Peyton. Unfortunately, I don’t see Kubiak pulling the trigger here.

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