Breer: Manning may be NFL front office executive in 2016

From Albert Breer this speculation.

Most believe Peyton Manning will hang ’em up after this season. Well, there’s also a widely held assumption in NFL circles that — with all the turnover expected to come across the league in January — Manning could well re-emerge as a leading executive in 2016.

The most obvious parallel is Peyton’s current boss John Elway. What Elway did, stepping in as head football operations executive with no previous NFL front office experience and being immediately successful, is pretty remarkable. Elway had the benefit of an existing front office infrastructure in place and an existing GM who was willing to take a subservient role. Peyton would need a similar scenario to have a good chance of success. What is certain is that Manning would instantly go from being one of the oldest and physically weakest players in the league to one of the youngest and fittest high ranking executives.

In other news, Peyton’s ribs are now injured¬†too.