Peyton Manning injury status more significant UPDATE: Manning probable, Sanders questionable

The Broncos injury report lists Peyton Manning as limited for Thursday’s practice. While Manning has frequently missed Wednesday practices this season, this is the first time he has been reported as limited on Thursday. The Denver Post reported positive news for his status based on the portion of practice open to the media.

Quarterback Peyton Manning returned to Broncos’ practice Thursday and did not appear to be limited by a right foot injury that kept him out of Wednesday’s session.

Manning moved well on three- and five-step dropbacks not showing any favoring to either of his legs.

However, some of head coach Gary Kubiak’s comments were more equivocal:

“Hopefully we’ll do more tomorrow and see where he is.”

More from Kubiak:

If he can play, if he can go out and do all the things that he normally does, we need him to lead our football team,” Kubiak said. “I would say [that for] every player. We want to be at full strength in everything that we do, but at the same time, if you think a guy can’t go out there and do the job that he normally does, you make the decision accordingly regardless of who the player is.”

These statements imply Manning’s status is not yet certain.

Official playing status will be released following today’s practice. If Manning is listed as “probable” it will be business as usual. If he is listed as “questionable” then his status will be worth continuing to monitor. Based on past history it’s likely that Manning will play for better or worse. However, this year is different because Manning has much less physical margin for error. Let’s hope he is only sent out to play if he is able to move and throw effectively.

UPDATE: The final Week 10 report is out and although Manning was again limited on Friday he is probable to play Sunday. Broncos fans can hope we will see an offense more like the one that beat the Packers and the one that came back in the second half against the Colts and less like the one in the first half against the Colts. WR Emmanuel Sanders is questionable, which is a concern given his key role in the offense.