Moskovitz: Getting Mad At Greg Hardy Is The Easy Part

Thought people would be interested in reading what Diana Moskovitz of Deadspin had to share about the real issues behind why Greg Hardy has a job in the NFL and, more importantly, points out that the issue has more to do with people being slow to stand against domestic violence.

I’ve known people in abusive relations, and the chances are that you have too, or that you’ve been in one. And the abuser was, very likely, the same man or woman who also brought the best potato salad to the neighborhood potluck, or made the biggest donation at church, or always picked up the kids on time from daycare: A normal person, for better and worse in varying measure, who also beats the shit out someone they said they loved.

One commenter made a good point: Domestic violence isn’t a football problem; it’s a people problem. It takes people continuously saying domestic violence is unacceptable, until perpetrators seriously consider their actions and businesses such as the NFL consider proper measures to make sure players who commit domestic violence get the counseling they need in addition to whatever discipline in handed out, rather than just arbitrarily deciding punishment, followed by owners picking and choosing who stays and who goes based on how talented they are.

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