Julius Thomas Continues An Unfortunate Trend In Jacksonville


Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Julius Thomas is likely to miss the rest of the preseason after suffering a broken left hand in the team’s 23-21 preseason win against Pittsburgh on Friday night, head coach Gus Bradley said.

Amazingly, this happened the first time Thomas touched the ball.  Broncos fans may sigh at how familiar this script looks, but remember that it’s in the Broncos’ best interest for Thomas to have a big year.  If Thomas doesn’t play enough snaps in the 2015 regular season the Broncos may only get a 4th round compensatory pick for him instead of a 3rd.  So let’s hope he gets his injuries out of the way in the preseason.

Nonetheless, Thomas get injured in some of the oddest ways.  If you watch the video of the hit in the ESPN link, you’d think that, if anything, if Thomas got hurt, it would have been a lower body injury.