Barack Obama Commutes The Jail Sentence Of The Mother Of Demaryius Thomas

Per the White House:

Katrina Stuckey Smith – Montrose, GA
Offense:  Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and cocaine base (Middle District of Georgia)
Sentence:  292 months’ imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release (July 20, 2000); amended to 240 months’ imprisonment (Apr. 2, 2008).
Commutation Grant:  Prison sentence commuted to expire on November 10, 2015.

In case you’re curious, the first Broncos game that Smith will be able to watch outside of prison will be the Week 10 game on Nov. 15 at home against the Chiefs.  In case you’re still curious, it’s also the very last game Thomas could miss while still getting credit for an accrued season, should his contract battle take the most acrimonious path possible.  Clearly, that’s not a scenario that anyone will want to see happen.