NFLPA Thinks Broncos and Cowboys May Be Colluding on Contracts

Per Adam Schefter:

NFLPA is reviewing information to determine whether there was collusion between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys on the unsettled contractual situations of franchise WRS Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant, per an NFLPA official. The NFLPA believes the Broncos and Cowboys had contact about each players’ contract when the collective bargaining agreement prohibits such contact. The NFLPA now is trying to determine if collusion did occur and when to possibly file a claim. The deadline for the WRs to sign long-term deals is Wednesday of next week.

In a pure game theory sense, there’s certainly some natural fear that whoever signs the first contract will be the trendsetter for other comparable players.  This includes not only Thomas and Bryant, but also Julio Jones of the Falcons and AJ Green of the Bengals.  Furthermore, this concept works not only for teams but for players as well.  I wouldn’t be surprised if agents and the NFLPA itself have had their own wires crossed to try to gauge the high level wide receiver market.  But the question is now whether the Broncos and Cowboys practiced proper discretion, and with this news going public it certainly could throw another wrench in negotiations.