Jason Pierre-Paul Sustains “Severely Injured Hand” In Fireworks Accident

As we’re all wrapping up our Fourth of July festivities, one risky tradition of the holiday reared its head into the NFL landscape:

Obviously, the primary concern must be to the health and welfare of Pierre-Paul, who should receive the encouragement that he can fully recover.  But it also provides another stark reminder of the double-edged sword of an unsigned franchise tender.  While a player not under contract may gain benefits and leverage in not being compelled to attend events before the regular season, he also risks losing all that if he is injured.  Jason Fitzgerald provided a quick rundown of those risks, which include rescinding the franchise tender at any moment.

As Broncos fans hear of this news, it will certainly create thoughts about the team’s own franchised player not under contract in Demaryius Thomas.  There may also be indirect effects via Justin Houston in Kansas City that could implicate a Von Miller extension.  As fans, we may hope that this will give impetus for Thomas to come to agreement to a long-term deal in the next ten days, even if the business aspect may suggest otherwise.  But above all, we should all hope that Thomas doesn’t suffer his own injury of his own off the field–not just for the benefit of the Broncos but for the security of Thomas’s long-term financial future.