Brady Testifies Under Oath at Hearing

Now, the ideal spin on that, is that lying, cheating Tom Brady goes to prison for perjury. The Broncos proceed to beat the Jimmy Garopolo led Pats in the AFC championship. The Seahawks are hyped as an offensive juggernaut with Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham tearing up the league. The mouthy Von Miller, who had ranted about Sebastian Vollmer being a sorry Right Tackle, combines with┬áDeMarcus Ware, Shane Ray and an elite secondary┬áto set the sack record, calling themselves the Legion of Rush. The match up is hyped as a thriller with offense vs. defense. But then an inexperienced Seattle Center, Lemuel Jeanpierre, snaps the football at a height of 6 feet, just over Wilson’s 5’11 frame, and the ball bounces into the endzone for a safety. The Broncos proceed to dominate, en route to a 43-8 victory. Von Miller is named Super Bowl MVP for his 69 yard interception return touchdown, a 7 yard fumble recovery, and his 10 tackles. Von is voted Madden 17 cover guy, but complains that he can’t have the rest of his defense on it, to which EA says no. C.J. Anderson shows up at the White House Super Bowl celebration, just so he won’t get fined.

In all seriousness though, it is impossible to prove that Brady had any involvement from a legal standpoint, so while the NFL can still suspend him, his lying under oath won’t result in criminal charges as some have suggested. It will simply give the general public a reason to think he’s innocent. Goodell and the rest of the appeal board will realize that testifying under oath means very little. Smart move by a scummy player.

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