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This is a continuation of my weekly column, in which I scout the top 3 at every position in the 2016 draft. I know this is looking way ahead, but if you are a draft geek like me, it is still good to get a feel for what next offseason has in store. I also would like to mention at this point that I will not be scouting kickers or punters, sorry Marshall Morgan.

I will be starting out with the 2016 draft position rankings. I will take each prospect, and watch a couple games. I will then write up a brief scouting report, and give them a score, out of 10, in 10 very important categories. Here’s an example. For a random, made up edge rusher, the categories will be as follows:

  • Acceleration: 10/10
  • Coverage: 9/10
  • Run Stopping: 5/10
  • Pass Rush Technique: 9/10
  • Athletic Ability: 10/10
  • Character/Leadership: 6/10
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Strength: 7/10
  • Size: 9/10
  • Experience: 9/10

That player would receive a 8.2. An instant impact athletic pass rusher who needs work when it comes to run stuffing.

With this scoring system, an 8 or above is a possible rookie starter, 7-8 is a potential future starter, a 6-7 is a good rotational guy, a 5-6 is a fringe sub, and below a 5 is likely a camp body. Anything above a 9 is a superstar who could be the top player at there position in a few years. After I score everyone, I will then re rank the players, using my own system.

I realize that pass rusher is not a major need in Denver with the addition of Shane Ray. Still, you can never have to many rushers, and if DeMarcus Ware is not around for 2016, we may be in the market for a rotating rush specialist.

Here are the 2016 Walter Football 3-4 outside linebacker rankings (disclaimer, I disregarded Joey Bosa and Scooby Wright since they would project better at other positions in our defense):

1. Shilique Calhoun, Michigan St.

2. Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma St.

3. Leonard Floyd, Georgia

Shilique Calhoun

Leaves a lot to be desired in the run game. Here we see him up against Taylor Lewan. He just gets completely driven out of the hole, and looks helpless. He is only 6’4, 250, so that plays a part. Really has to add some good weight.

Leaves plenty to be desired in the passing game as well. All though he has a reputation as an elite rusher, here we see him get completely shut down by Bronco Michael Schofield. Too often I saw a blocker get his hands on him, and Calhoun did not have the necessary moves to disengage.

My favorite thing about Calhoun is his effort. Here we see him fight through a double team, and get a sack through shear force of will. Non stop motor.

At times, he has the ability to show burst and make a speed move, like the one above. He was much too inconsistent with his burst on tape however.


  • 2 Time 1st team all Big 10
  • 2 Time 2nd team all American
  • Amazing production
  • Has the look of a guy who can add bulk
  • Team captain
  • Reportedly has run in the 4.4 range, although that doesn’t show on tape
  • Good height
  • Has stayed healthy
  • Can show burst at times
  • Excellent motor


  • Inconsistent burst
  • Poor playing strength
  • Stonewalled by Taylor Lewan
  • Inconsistent hand use
  • Needs to gain a few pounds
  • Has speed to cover, but rarely asked to do so at Michigan St.


  • Acceleration: 9/10
  • Coverage: 7/10
  • Run Stopping: 6/10
  • Pass Rush Technique: 7/10
  • Athletic Ability: 9/10
  • Character/Leadership: 10/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Strength: 6/10
  • Size: 7/10
  • Experience: 10/10

Final: 8.1

Fringe rookie starter who will contribute immediately as a situation dependent pass rusher. Needs to work on his strength, hand use, and run stopping, but has the talent and the drive to be very good.

Emmanuel Ogbah

One of the first things that stands out about Ogbah is his hand use. Watch him fight the Right Tackle, and keep his hands off of him, and then finish the sack. not great burst on the play, but great technique.

That is not to say however that Ogbah does not have solid burst. The Left Tackle, Cameron Erving, misses the block, and Ogbah is on Winston in a flash. That type of quick twitch follow through is incredibly valuable for a pass rusher.

Ogbah is also a tenacious run stuffer. Watch his maintain his end against Cameron Erving, and use his strength and athletic ability to keep the runner from bouncing outside. Few rushers are this balanced.

Ogbah’s best tool however remains his quick burst off the edge. He does not get a sack on this play, but he blows around the edge, and bats down the Winston pass. You can’t get a sack every single play, and those kind of plays are still game changing. The recovery to bend around the edge and then recenter to get the jump and knock the ball down is really special.

As an end linebacker hybrid, he was asked to cover. Here we see him play great coverage, playing QB spy and using his athleticism to knock the football down.


  • Incredibly versatile… Played OLB, DE, ILB, DT and even NT at times in OK St.’s hybrid D, played all well by my estimation
  • Prototypical size, 6’4, 275
  • Great play strength
  • Great play speed
  • Great burst
  • Great hand use
  • Getting tired of saying “Great” over and over
  • Good motor
  • 2013 2nd Team All Big 12 Academics
  • 2014 1st Team All Big 12
  • 2014 D Lineman of the Year, Big 12
  • 2014 Team Defensive MVP
  • Young but experienced
  • Team Captain next season
  • Built like a pass rusher, long arms, thick build
  • Good in coverage
  • Has experience as a stand up linebacker
  • Has not had any major injury


  • Burst is inconsistent at times, although excellent when he’s doing a speed move
  • Could be better with hands
  • May need to lose a tiny bit of weight to play linebacker
  • Only times in the 4.75 range, although he plays faster


  • Acceleration: 9/10
  • Coverage: 9/10
  • Run Stopping: 10/10
  • Pass Rush Technique: 9/10
  • Athletic Ability: 9/10
  • Character/Leadership: 10/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Strength: 9/10
  • Size: 10/10
  • Experience: 10/10

Final: 9.5

I read somewhere once, I forget where, that there are two types of edge rushers. There are very good speed rushers who have the bend to get around the edge, and then there are very strong, fast rushers who can use their hands to get through a blocker. Only a rare player, a Mario Williams, Julius Peppers, Von Miller type, can do both. Ogbah is one of those rare players. Pro ready stud. Probably the DROY next year by my estimation. Diamond in the rough, as he currently only holds a late first round projection. Hopefully that doesn’t change, because if the Broncos got someone like him they would have the best pass rush in the league for 10-15 years.

Leonard Floyd

For starters, Floyd is a true 3-4 OLB in college. He is not bad against the run though. Here we see him stand up against the block, and push the blocker backwards. Stout play from an undersized player.

He is a solid pass rusher. On this play he accelerates around the edge, to force a holding call. If the Left Tackle hadn’t held, that play would have been a sack. Good burst.

There is no denying that Floyd is a good athlete. He just needs to show it more.


  • Great athlete
  • Ok functional strength
  • Good speed rush moves
  • Can bend with the best of them
  • Reminds me of Elvis Dumervil at times
  • Lanky
  • Ok against the run
  • Experience in a 3-4
  • Is going to time well


  • Poor power pass rusher, too often lineman square up on him and he’s done
  • Only about 240
  • Got benched last year because of his run defense
  • Over pursues at times


  • Acceleration: 10/10
  • Coverage: 8/10
  • Run Stopping: 7/10
  • Pass Rush Technique: 8/10
  • Athletic Ability: 10/10
  • Character/Leadership: 9/10
  • Durability: 9/10
  • Strength: 8/10
  • Size: 8/10
  • Experience: 10/10

Final: 8.7

Very good pass rusher, but likely to be wildly over drafter due to his tools. Still, has traits you can’t teach, and a high ceiling.
All in all this is a good class. Ogbah is special, and Floyd and Calhoun are NFL starters as well. Let me know what position I should look into next week.

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