Who’s a Player You’re Glad Is No Longer a Bronco?

With news that the Bills are working out former Jets tackle Wayne Hunter, this gave my good friend and colleague Jason Fitzgerald a reason to remind us of the lowest of Hunter’s lowlights.  But of course, as Bob and I both pointed out, that’s a highlight for Broncos fans.  Also, as much as we’re worried about the Broncos’ offensive line, at least they haven’t had to stoop as far as working out Wayne Hunter.

But turnabout is fair play, hence the question that I’ve posed in the title for some dead season discussion.  Who is the one player that, due to his exceptionally poor play on the field, you’re glad no longer resides in the home team’s locker room in Denver.  The first player that came to my mind as a nominee was Marquand Manuel.  Among the absolute abomination that was the 2008 Broncos defense, Manuel continually stuck out to me as the epitome of that abomination.