Just Be Happy We got DT Instead of Dez

Demaryius Thomas had come underĀ fire for his holdout, and partially with good cause. His lack of presence in hurting the offenses preparation. The decision to draft DT, over Dez Bryant, is still the right one however. While Dez is arguably the better player (although I would disagree with that), Demaryius has been a great character guy and a team leader. And, in parallel contract situations, DT has stayed silent, while Dez has not. Besides threatening to miss regular season games, he also tweeted out this gem:

I’ve never been in the “football players are selfish” camp. The injuries these people suffer justify their mega deals. But actually tweeting “13 mil is cool but…” is a ridiculous statement. And to hurt his team to the point of missing regular season games is insane. I’m not saying we should resign DT, but he has definitely handled his holdout with more grace than Dez.

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