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Another really solid piece from the good people over at Mile High Huddle (the best non thin air Broncos blog IMO) worth checking out, here. Chad Jensen talks about Jordan Norwood’s chances at making the final roster:

Considering that the Broncos chose not to bring back Wes Welker and their lack of options in the kick/punt return game, Norwood has another prime opportunity to make the final roster. Demaryius Thomas’ football truancy has also helped get Norwood some extra reps. In his time with the team, Norwood has also forged chemistry with quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Interesting point about Welker. I hadn’t made that connection. It’s also good to see a young player develop a connection with our QB of the future. I would also love to see anyone finally drive Andre Caldwell out of that 4th receiver role. Just thought that was an interesting article worth sharing, go Broncos!

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