Redskins remove seats from FedEx Field for third time in five seasons

Via the Washington Post:

The team listed its stadium capacity at 85,000 last season, but attendance never topped 81,000 and averaged less than 78,000. The Redskins led the NFL with an average attendance of 88,090 in 2007 but have averaged fewer than 80,000 four seasons in a row.

The Redskins still remained near the top of the league in attendance; the league average last season was 68,776. The Redskins say every home game for the past 47 seasons has been a sellout.

Why am I making a quick mention of this here?  I am because the Redskins are the only team that has a longer sellout streak than the Broncos.  There are, of course, ways that the numbers can be manipulated, as Dan Snyder is demonstrating here.  But I certainly wouldn’t mind if Snyder continues to do Dan Snyder things that causes more Redskins fans to get fed up.