Thin Air’s Deadtime Season To-Do List

As many of you know, the period between the draft and training camp is one of the most quiet in the NFL.  Thankfully, this will provide a window to work on getting Thin Air to where we’d all like it to be.  Read beyond the fold to see a list items that are on the to-do list.

If you would like to add something to this list, please make such a request by commenting directly in this post.

  • Thin Air Avatar.  This is one I’ll need help from the more artistically inclined out there.  This avatar will be used both on Thin Air’s Twitter account, and also be used for Thin Air’s favicon to make it more easily recognizable on bookmark lists.
  • Navigation Banner.  I want to put a small banner that’s always displayed at the top of the page so readers can easily jump to main sections of the website.  Right now there’s just a lot of information that’s stretched out on the sidebar.
  • Reorganize where a post’s information is displayed on the front page.  This theme defaulted the info on a post’s date, author, etc., on the bottom of the post summary, where it’s not as obvious.  I’ll eventually reorganize that to make it clearer.