Request An Account To Post At Thin Air!

Thin Air is a community effort, as as such it relies on the community to contribute.

I’ve had a pretty busy week away from football that’s just now winding down on its end.  As you may have noticed, my posting and commenting has not been as frequent as a result.  I anticipated such intermittent absences when I created this site, and it has further cemented in my mind that Thin Air cannot simply rely on my own efforts as far as content is concerned.

Therefore, this is just a courtesy reminder to state that if you have yet to request an account to post content, don’t be shy and please do so by using the contact form. The submission will be sent directly to my email, of which I do not wish to make public because getting inundated with spam is never fun.  Let me know what username you would like to post as (most of us seem to prefer matching up with our Disqus account), and I will get it set up.

I would like to stress that no one is under any obligation or quota to contribute.  We all have busy lives, and we are here for a little fun and leisure away from those commitments.  Maybe you just found an interesting link and wanted to add it to the Community Feed.  Maybe there’s a deep dive that you want to write once every month or so.  Maybe there’s a regular subject, such as training camp, pregame and postgame discussion, and so on, that you’d like to create an open thread for if no one else has yet done so.  All of these examples are perfectly acceptable.  If everyone helps out just a bit, we can ensure that we all have a little to talk about here on Thin Air.