Brads NFL Picks The Championship Games 2016 – 2017



Brads NFL Picks   The Championship Games   2016-2017
Brads Picks was 4 – 0 last week and is 164 – 98 – 2   on the season. Here’s what happened last week:
the good:
Atlanta 36, Seahawks 20  –  Squacks took the opening kick off and reeled off 89 yards and a TD on 10 runs for 49 yards and Russell Wilson going 4 – 4 for 40 yards and the TD.  But Atlanta came  back and went 75 yards on 13 plays and tied the score at 7.  Score was Atlanta 19, Quacks 10 at the half.
Matt Ryan was 26-37-338 and 3 TDs against a pretty good Quack defense.
One fun note – Ben Garland, former Air Force Academy DL and former Bronco DL and OL, who is now the Falcons backup Center, was in as a DT on at least one play. Quacks had the ball at their own 4.  Garland shot through and fell on Russell Wilson in the end zone for a safety.
New England 34, Texans 16  –  New England 17, Texans 13 at the half.  Cheaters unleashed a secret weapon, diminutive RB Dion Lewis.  Lewis, who’s been bouncing around the league for 6 years, became the first player in the post season to score a TD by a reception, a handoff, and a kick return.  Outside of those three plays, he was pretty pedestrian but 21 points is 21 points – more than the Texans could manage.
Packers 34, Dallas 31  –  Helluva game.  Packers total yards – 413; Dallas had 429.  Each team had one turnover (both on INTs).  Time of possession – Packers 29:46, Dallas 30:14.  But with time running out,  Aaron Rodgers, while on the run, made a fantastic throw and Jared Cook made a fantastic catch on the sideline.  That 36 yard completion allowed the Packers to attempt a 51 yard field goal, and Mason Crosby put it through as time expired.
Steelers 18, Kansas City 16  –  The Steelers couldn’t buy a TD, but Chris Boswell set a playoff record with six field goals.  KC scored a late TD to make it 18-16.  The two point attempt was good, but called back on a holding penalty.  The next attempt failed.  Steelers got the kickoff and managed to run out the clock.

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Offseason Primers: Broncos Priorities And Suggested Salary Limits

Nick has already gone over a couple of times about the Broncos’ offseason needs and I wanted to update where I believe the Broncos’ priorities need to be when it comes to free agency, given that’s the first stop on the offseason path.

My purpose is to give people a general idea about who is available at what position and how much the Broncos should expect to commit to each position. People do need to bear in mind that certain positions will take a higher priority than others and that cap dollars need to be committed to those positions first, before you explore positions that are a lower priority.

I’ll start with where the Broncos are going to be with their cap space, assuming certain moves are made, though in one case, I will account for an alternative scenario. From there, we’ll talk about each position, in order of priority (again, with one exception based on a key decision the Broncos must make).
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