The Go For It Range: A Different Look At 4th Down

The longtime conventional wisdom of coaches results in teams rarely going for it on 4th down.  Recent analytical studies argue for going for it far more often.  My own sensibilities reside somewhere in the middle of these two approaches. I certainly feel coaches are too conservative, but I also have yet to buy into some of the excesses of the other side.  With this article, I want to explore the subject further by starting with some common sense observations, and then extrapolating it with some data that could be useful to build upon that common sense into a possible model.  That model is what I’ll term the Go For It Range, dividing the field into areas where going for it on 4th down is advocated, opposed, or debatable.  To see the Go For It Range in action, visit this page, in which I’ve programmed the model for any offense versus any defense.

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Brads NFL Picks Week Seven 2016

Brads NFL Picks  Week Seven  2016
Brads Picks was 11 – 4 last week and is 55 – 37 on the season.  Here’s the g, b and u from last week.  (Off last week were Minnesota and Tampa Bay.)
the good:
Cowboys 30, Green Bay 16  –  Packers had the best run defense in the league but the Cowboys ran for 191 on 32.  Aaron Rodgers missed a wide open receiver in the end zone.  Both QBs threw an INT but Dak Prescott had 3 TDs while Rodgers had one.

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Midweek Musings: Let’s Talk NFL Ratings

Kevin Clark wrote an article at The Ringer exploring the issues with the decline in NFL prime time ratings. I’ll let you read the article but Clark raises the question as to whether or not there may be oversaturation of NFL games.

I wanted to expand on a few of his points and make some suggestions that might help the NFL in following a smarter path to potential revenue growth, rather than assuming the traditional route it has taken will keep working.
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Performance Enhancing Drugs – Is It Time for a Rule Change?

Oxymoron: Drug Free Professional Sports

Over the course of the last few decades, professional sports have gone from an American Pastime to a World-Wide Entertainment Industry (DaDaDa, DaDaDa). Revenue is up, Records are routinely broke and wining at all cost has led to the unfortunate call for asterisks to be placed next to some of  sports’ greatest of all time.

After the fold , @BobMorris and Myself (@KushLash) have teamed up for some bye week-esque journalism. Together, we peel back the layers of the professional sports entertainment industry and show you what role performance enhancing drugs really has played in our community’s favorite pastime: Professional Football

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