Raiders Narrative Begins in 3… 2… 1…

I’ll leave this for the rest of you to discuss.

UPDATE [Nick]:

Midweek Musings Bonus: 2015 NFL Season Preview

So we have arrived at the first day of the 2015 NFL season. Everybody does season previews, so somebody here at Thin Air should as well and that’s where I step forward with what was my originally planned Midweek Musings.

The only projections I’ll make are how the teams finish within a division and which teams go to the playoffs. Otherwise, I’ll talk about the observations I have about each team, their strengths and weaknesses and which coaches might have their jobs on the line. And yes, there will be as much snark as there is smart observations, so be prepared.

Let’s get this underway, shall we?
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Von Miller Continues to Get More Favorable Contract Comparables

As always, the first contract numbers leaked to the media are inflated, so take those with a grain of salt.  But considering that Dareus was taken with the pick immediately following Miller, there’s little doubt that John Elway’s going to have to get a hefty checkbook out next offseason should Miller have the type of year we’re all expecting him to have.

Aaron Wilson Ranks The Owners

A purely subjective list, of course, but in my own subjective opinion it’s not too far off on what I would think.  If you’re like me and despise slideshows, you can find the full list beyond the fold. I’ll flesh out my opinion in the comments, and feel free to talk about this or the owners in general. (Yet another opportunity to bash Dan Snyder, perhaps?)

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Midweek Musings: Here We Go Again, Goodell

Just in time for the start of the season comes the latest revelations, via ESPN’s Outside the Lines, about the relationship between Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft; specifically, how Goodell expedited the Spygate investigation and furthered perception that Goodell favored Kraft, only for Goodell to reverse course when Ballghazi (Deadspin’s term is so much better) came along and annoyed Kraft in the process.
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Broncos Final Roster Moves: Two Claimed; Ball, Gradkowski Cut

The Denver Broncos have claimed two players off waivers.

It’s not surprising the Broncos added a tight end. The Ferentz addition is a little surprising, as one would have thought the Broncos would claim an offensive tackle.
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The NFL’s All-IR and All-Suspended Teams

The regular season has yet to start and there’s already been a ridiculous amount of attrition in these regards–so much, in fact, that we can almost fill out an entire starting lineup each with only players on IR and then players on a suspension.  Unfortunately, the overturning of Tom Brady’s suspension really hurt the cause of the All-Suspended team.  I guess they can run a bunch of the Wildcat and the wishbone offense, then?

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