Projected 2015 Stats: Defense

Neigh Indeed Good Sir

Hello Broncos Country!

This is the second installation of my stat projections.

These are just some personal projections as to how our team and individual stats will fare next season. Keep in mind that these projections are 100% subjective, and there isn’t really any rhyme or reason here. I am just using past trends and new talent to guess stat categories. Hopefully I am spot on. This is the final installation. So without further ado (thanks Bradley), let’s begin. Continue reading Projected 2015 Stats: Defense

Jordan Norwood Article

Another really solid piece from the good people over at Mile High Huddle (the best non thin air Broncos blog IMO) worth checking out, here. Chad Jensen talks about Jordan Norwood’s chances at making the final roster:

Considering that the Broncos chose not to bring back Wes Welker and their lack of options in the kick/punt return game, Norwood has another prime opportunity to make the final roster. Demaryius Thomas’ football truancy has also helped get Norwood some extra reps. In his time with the team, Norwood has also forged chemistry with quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Interesting point about Welker. I hadn’t made that connection. It’s also good to see a young player develop a connection with our QB of the future. I would also love to see anyone finally drive Andre Caldwell out of that 4th receiver role. Just thought that was an interesting article worth sharing, go Broncos!

Projected 2015 Stats: Offense

Hi Broncos Country!

Hope you’re all as pumped for 2015 as I am. Only 87 some days left to go if I’m not mistaken.

These are just some personal projections as to how our team and individual stats will fare next season. Keep in mind that these projections are 100% subjective, and there isn’t really any rhyme or reason here. I am just using past trends and new talent to guess stat categories. Hopefully I am spot on. Tomorrow I will be doing defense. So without further adieu, let’s begin. Continue reading Projected 2015 Stats: Offense

“Sly” Williams Showing Well in Minicamp

Denver desperately needs a nose tackle next season if they plan on competing defensively. Often cited as the fulcrum of a defense, the nose position is vital to a 3-4’s success. Wade Phillips knows that, we all know that. And yet, for some reason, Elway let Pot Roast walk and made only a small, late round effort to bolster the nose position. That is because Dove Valley trusts 2013 1st rounder Sylvester Williams to step up.

Continue reading “Sly” Williams Showing Well in Minicamp

Why the Broncos Need to Extend Von

Von Miller is one of my personal favorite players on the Broncos. Whether it’s his ridulous off field persona, or his insane physical gifts, he is the type of rare player you need on your defense. I can only think of one defender better than him, and that is J.J. Watt. Von is the type of guy a team in transition needs to keep around for stability. We don’t want him realizing his potential 20 sack years with another team.

The scary part is, is that Von has yet to even realize his full potential. Continue reading Why the Broncos Need to Extend Von

PFF’s Secret Superstar: Brandon M. Marshall

Denver Broncos LB Brandon M. Marshall has been named the team’s Pro Football Focus’ Secret Superstar.

Marshall, of course, is well known among us former IAOFMers. But when you look at his potential role in Wade Phillips’ 3-4 defense, Marshall could be even better than he was last year.

We often forget how good Marshall was in coverage last year (PFF rated him +10.1 for last season) and how he only got better as the season progressed. As PFF notes, his shift to the strong side should take better advantage of his ability as a run stopper and in coverage.

It should be fun to see what he can do.

End of the Road for Welker?

Mike Freeman had an interesting read at Bleacher Report today, about how many teams are reluctant to sign former Broncos WR Wes Welker because of concerns about his concussion history.
We know that Welker had three concussions in a nine-month span when he played for the Broncos (two late in the 2013 season, and one in the 2014 preseason). But Freeman shared some interesting information on top of this.

Here’s the thing: The three concussions in a nine-month span were widely discussed, but it’s impossible to say how many concussions Welker has had beyond that. Teams familiar with Welker’s medical history say they believe he has had at least six concussions and as many as 10. Only he knows for sure. And it’s possible he may not know the full number.

That some teams believe Welker had anywhere from six to 10 concussions should tell you plenty about the NFL’s attitude toward head injuries in years past.

My personal opinion is Welker should retire, but as Freeman notes, Welker still wants to play, even as other, younger players are getting out of the game because of worries about concussions. Piece on Roby

Interesting piece from that I thought some of you may be interested in. Chad Jensen has a very positive view on a nationally underrated Bradley Roby:

Expectations are high for second-year cornerback Bradley Roby—both from without and within the Denver Broncos organization. He was arguably the NFL’s best rookie corner in 2014, but had his ups and downs playing next to two Pro Bowlers in Chris Harris, Jr. and Aqib Talib. Often, Roby was the low-hanging fruit for opposing quarterbacks and offensive coordinators.

The opposition tried to exact their pound of flesh from Roby throughout his rookie season. He held his own.

You can ready the whole article here. Add your thoughts in the comments. And in case you forgot what a freak Bradley Roby is, this video from the article should remind you:

Scouting 2016: Offensive Tackle

Hello Broncos fans!

I am introducing a new column I will be writing weekly, in which I scout the top 3 at every position in the 2016 draft. I know this is looking way ahead, but if you are a draft geek like me, it is still good to get a feel for what next offseason has in store. I also would like to mention at this point that I will not be scouting kickers or punters, sorry Marshall Morgan. Continue reading Scouting 2016: Offensive Tackle

Debunking the “Wide Receivers are Overrated” Myth

Often times, when something becomes really popular, members of the media have a tendency to swing the pendulum too far towards exaggeration, and then instead of moving the narrative closer to the truth, they spin it all the way in the other direction. For instance, Justin Bieber or Nickelback had meteoric rises to stardom, and then, when the media got tired of praising them, they fell to the level of punchlines. In truth, the narrative should probably be somewhere in between, as competent (ish) musicians who were overrated and are now underrated.

The same principle applies to football. For instance, Tim Tebow went from the best thing since sliced bread to, well, the worst thing since plain sliced bread. In reality, he’s a decent athlete and a good leader, but probably not an NFL starting QB.

Wide Receiver has been one of the most valued positions in the NFL for a long time. They were in the spotlight even to the point of being divas. Keyshawn Johnson was the number 1 pick in the draft, and then immediately began complaining about his touches. We saw Randy Moss’s various shenanigans. Brandon Marshall was a nightmare at times. I think this quote pretty much sums up the insane inflation of the collective egos of the NFL receiver:

“I love me some me.”

-Terrell Owens

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