Broncos Draft Grades 2010-2013

Hello Broncos fans,

Elway has fared pretty well in the draft

Today I will be assigning grades to the Elway drafts as well as 2010. I am not doing 2014 or 2015, since it’s just to early to tell with a lot of those guys. The Roby pick would receive an A in my eyes however. I will look at whether the player developed into a contributor, was a good value in the round they were picked in, and who was passed on to select them.

Let’s get started.

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Midweek Musings: More On Demaryius Thomas

Welcome to what I call Midweek Musings. My plan is to sit down with all you Thin Airers and go over some items pertaining to the Broncos — and perhaps to other teams — each Wednesday night. Think of this as like what Ted Bartlet used to do for Mile High Report and It’s All Over Fat Man, in which he would sit down with random observations about the Broncos and the NFL.

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John Moffitt Unretires

I’m posting this news from Jay Glazer mostly for advisory purposes, as a lot has changed for the Broncos and their offensive line since Moffitt last played.  But in case you’re wondering, the Broncos still had his NFL rights from the reserve/retired list–but Glazer also reported this:

If you read Glazer’s long tweet, you’ll see that Moffitt has gone through a lot of adversity to make it back to this attempt of playing professional football.  Best of luck to him as he tries to find a home.

Danny Trevathan Has A New Kneecap

I don’t know what the proper reaction should be.  Modern medicine is awesome and is capable of wonderous things.  But at the same time, with new breakthroughs come new side effects that will also be discovered.  If Klis writes a full article on this news perhaps there will be some more clarity on this matter.

UPDATE: here is Klis’s article.

Just Be Happy We got DT Instead of Dez

Demaryius Thomas had come under fire for his holdout, and partially with good cause. His lack of presence in hurting the offenses preparation. The decision to draft DT, over Dez Bryant, is still the right one however. While Dez is arguably the better player (although I would disagree with that), Demaryius has been a great character guy and a team leader. And, in parallel contract situations, DT has stayed silent, while Dez has not. Besides threatening to miss regular season games, he also tweeted out this gem:

I’ve never been in the “football players are selfish” camp. The injuries these people suffer justify their mega deals. But actually tweeting “13 mil is cool but…” is a ridiculous statement. And to hurt his team to the point of missing regular season games is insane. I’m not saying we should resign DT, but he has definitely handled his holdout with more grace than Dez.

Fool’s Paradis?

The Denver O Line, long thought to be a point of weakness, is actually beginning to show signs of promise. Ben Garland is an intriguing option at Left Guard and, if he falters, either Shelley Smith, Michael Schofield, or rookie Max Garcia can probably take over at that position. Right Guard’s set with Louis Vasquez starring there. At Right Tackle we have enough talent, with either Ryan Harris, Chris Clark, or Michael Schofield likely to be decent. 2nd rounder Ty Sambrailo appears to have taken the Left Tackle position in stride. This leaves one obvious question: Who will play center in 2015?

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Who’s a Player You’re Glad Is No Longer a Bronco?

With news that the Bills are working out former Jets tackle Wayne Hunter, this gave my good friend and colleague Jason Fitzgerald a reason to remind us of the lowest of Hunter’s lowlights.  But of course, as Bob and I both pointed out, that’s a highlight for Broncos fans.  Also, as much as we’re worried about the Broncos’ offensive line, at least they haven’t had to stoop as far as working out Wayne Hunter.

But turnabout is fair play, hence the question that I’ve posed in the title for some dead season discussion.  Who is the one player that, due to his exceptionally poor play on the field, you’re glad no longer resides in the home team’s locker room in Denver.  The first player that came to my mind as a nominee was Marquand Manuel.  Among the absolute abomination that was the 2008 Broncos defense, Manuel continually stuck out to me as the epitome of that abomination.

Scouting 2016: Tight End

Hello Broncos Country!

This is a continuation of my weekly column, in which I scout the top 3 at every position in the 2016 draft. I know this is looking way ahead, but if you are a draft geek like me, it is still good to get a feel for what next offseason has in store. I also would like to mention at this point that I will not be scouting kickers or punters, sorry Marshall Morgan.

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