Kenny Anunike to Have Knee Scoped Thursday

Just as the Kenny Anunike post preseason debut hype train was leaving the station, this unfortunate piece of news dropped:

Any major injury would be a major blow to this team. Anunike was the defensive star of Friday’s preseason game. He figures to fill a large part of Derek Wolfe’s role assuming he’s healthy. We’ll have more on this as more news arises.

Midweek Musings: Final Roster Cuts Won’t Be That Easy

Hello, Bronco fans! As expected, the chatter at Thin Air has increased now that the first preseason game is in the books. I’ve read a lot of thoughts about who looked good and who didn’t, which is expected. But I wanted to take those thoughts and give everyone some perspective on how difficult it’s going to be to keep everyone you happen to like.

As you know, every NFL team will have a 53-man roster and a 10-member practice squad. I will keep the focus on the 53-man roster so that people understand why there may be some decisions made that you may not like or want to make.
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How Rivers’ Extension Really Affects The Broncos

My Broncos preseason opener thoughts will be shared during my Midweek Musings later this week, but today, I wanted to briefly discuss a move made by an AFC West rival that may have an impact on what the Broncos do during the offseason.

That move was the San Diego Chargers signing Phillip Rivers to a four-year extension.

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Broncos at Seahawks: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

Preseason is more interesting than the regular season to me, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy the preseason more. The fascination of the preseason is simply figuring out who should belong on the 53-man roster. The score may not matter at the end of the day, but the entire’s team roster is heavily dependent on who shows up when they’re called upon. With that, I begin this year with my list of things I did and didn’t like. Continue reading Broncos at Seahawks: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

Julius Thomas Continues An Unfortunate Trend In Jacksonville


Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Julius Thomas is likely to miss the rest of the preseason after suffering a broken left hand in the team’s 23-21 preseason win against Pittsburgh on Friday night, head coach Gus Bradley said.

Amazingly, this happened the first time Thomas touched the ball.  Broncos fans may sigh at how familiar this script looks, but remember that it’s in the Broncos’ best interest for Thomas to have a big year.  If Thomas doesn’t play enough snaps in the 2015 regular season the Broncos may only get a 4th round compensatory pick for him instead of a 3rd.  So let’s hope he gets his injuries out of the way in the preseason.

Nonetheless, Thomas get injured in some of the oddest ways.  If you watch the video of the hit in the ESPN link, you’d think that, if anything, if Thomas got hurt, it would have been a lower body injury.

Your Friendly Reminder…

…that Drew Magary is continuing his Why Your Team Sucks series at Deadspin.

Today, he discusses the San Diego Chargers and tosses in this little gem about Phillip Rivers.

This could very well be Marmalard’s swan song for the Chargers. He’s in the last year of his contract and doesn’t want to play in Los Angeles, presumably because Los Angeles is an unholy dungeon of secular Hollywood wickedness. In the Rivers household, you watch VeggieTales, or you watch nothing at all. Now everyone gather ‘round the hearth for a good ol’ hymnal!

Let the jokes commence starting… NOW!