Mathis, Ware Practicing; Several Others Not

Some good news for the Broncos on the injury front: DeMarcus Ware practiced Wednesday after missing three straight games with a back injury, and Evan Mathis practiced, despite playing through an ankle injury in the New England game.

Louis Vasquez, T.J. Ward and Sylvester Williams did not practice. Neither did Peyton Manning, who is still wearing his walking boot. It’s been a week since Peyton started wearing the boot, and if he continues to wear it through the next week, that’s a sign he’ll be inactive for that much longer.

ETA: Some clarification regarding Peyton Manning:

Patriots at Broncos: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

I’m surprised I didn’t end up in the hospital after that game. What an exciting game and an even more exciting outcome!

I’m not going to talk about penalties. There were missed penalties for both teams and I don’t think any of them had more of an effect than the other. The clock runoff at the end of regulation confused everyone and I don’t think it was fair for the Patriots. Regardless, I believe the outcome would be the same. Like I’ve said before, there were over a hundred plays where the game could’ve been won or lost. Before I go into my jive, here are some fun stats:

  • Tom Brady: 23/42 for 280 yards – 3 TD – 1 INT – 3 sacks
  • Brock Osweiler: 23/42 for 270 yards – 1 TD – 1 INT – 3 sacks

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Broncos Playoff Standings: 2015 Week 13

Now that we’re close enough to conduct reasonable projections, and Sunday night’s pivotal game against the Patriots is the books, I thought I’d take a look at what the Broncos need to obtain the best possible playoff seeding.  This is a mini-project that I might take on for the remainder of the regular season, depending on how things shape up.

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Josh Bush Promoted From Practice Squad

The Denver Broncos have promoted safety Josh Bush from the practice squad.

The move was likely made because the Broncos won’t have T.J. Ward for at least one game because of an ankle injury.

Bush has regular-season experience, having played in two games last year and three earlier this season. He impressed during the preseason and it’s likely he’ll stick around even after Ward returns to the lineup.

To make room for Bush, the Broncos waived tight end Richard Gordon, who wasn’t needed any longer with the acquisition of Vernon Davis.

Also, the Broncos waived TE Arthur Lynch from the practice squad. It remains to be seen if the Broncos bring in somebody to replace him. (No, Gordon isn’t eligible.)

Reports: Brock/Peyton decision could be a month away, Broncos prepared to stick with Osweiler

Chris Mortensen reports that Peyton Manning will not be healthy enough to play “anytime soon”. This is not surprising given the nature of the injury.

From Jason La Canfora, the guy who called the meltdown in the Chiefs game before it happened, a report indicating the Broncos may be prepared to stick with Osweiler over a healthy Manning.

Everyone in the Broncos hierarchy, from football czar John Elway on down, is committed to giving this offense a chance to thrive under the first-year starter, and Elway and Kubiak — who passed on acquiring Manning when he was head coach in Houston — are strong-willed enough to do what they believe is best for the organization regardless of the political fallout. “They are not going to be bullied into doing anything they don’t want to do, by anyone,” as one team source put it.

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The Morning After: Yes, ‘Broncos Beat Patriots’ Just Happened

Did John Elway say something a few months back about how, if the Denver Broncos, they should go down kicking and screaming?

Turns out that attitude not only leaves a good impression on people, it can actually get you a win when all seems lost.

The Broncos never held a lead until Andre Caldwell hauled in Brock Osweiler’s touchdown pass with 1:15 left in the game. It looked like the game might still get away from the Broncos after Tom Brady completed a long pass to Brandon LaFell to lead to Stephen Gostowski’s 47-yard field goal, followed by the Patriots winning the toss.

Then came a three-and-out and C.J. Anderson took over.

Broncos fans will rightly get bragging rights for a couple of days, but the work isn’t done yet. They’ve got to get players healthy, they’ve got to keep winning because the Kansas City Chiefs are suddenly surging, and they’ve got to knock it off with the dumbest of penalties already.

But you know what? This “kicking and screaming” attitude could go a long way to overcoming those weaknesses.

Let’s talk about last night’s game.
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