Gut Reaction: Something Happen Today?

I’ll bet you Bronco fans thought the final cutdown to 53 players was going to be a ho-hum affair, didn’t you?

Seriously, we did know that a couple of moves might be made that weren’t going to be popular, but the one that likely has all of your heads spinning is the one that nobody talked about earlier this week.

So let’s sort out of everything that’s gone down thus far as it pertains to the Broncos 53-man roster, starting out with the expected move that nobody could have ever thought possible.

As you should know by now, these thoughts are mine and mine alone.
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Broncos Expected To Sign Brock Osweiler

The veteran minimum for a player with 5 accrued seasons, as Osweiler has, is $775,000. If Osweiler is on the roster Week 1 and is cut afterward, he would be eligible to claim termination pay on that entire salary if he so chooses, but that would be a small amount on dead money against the Broncos’ cap should that happen.