20 Things To Consider In Broncos Training Camp

With Denver Broncos training camp set to start in just a few weeks, I thought we could all discuss our expectations about how certain training camp battles will take shape and who might emerge as key players.

So I’ve put together 20 polls for everyone to vote in regarding a few issues that will likely be in our minds as training camp gets underway. It gives us all a chance to see what we think about positional battles and other issues.

I will include my own thoughts about each of the poll questions. People are free to talk more about why they see certain position battles go the way they think they will or who they expect could be the surprises in training camp.

The polls start after the jump.
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What If The Conference Championship Losers In The NFL All Won?

One exercise that I often see done regularly is to tally up the number of Super Bowls teams would have if the losers all won.  If you’re a Broncos fan, you know well that this would help out Denver the most, as they’ve lost the most Super Bowls in NFL history.  Inverted, they would instead have the most wins, at 5-3.

But one exercise I have yet to see is what would happen if you invert the results of the conference championship games.  Simply put, how many Super Bowl appearances would be generated, and what Super Bowl matchups would we get, by sending the NFC and AFC Finalists?

The number of Super Bowl appearances that would result can be found beyond the fold, as well as some insights that come from this data.  Additionally, I used What If Sports to simulate hypothetical games between the Super Bowl participants. You may find all of those results here.

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