Brads NFL Picks Super Bowl 51 2016 – 2017

Brads NFL Picks   Super Bowl 51   2016 – 2017
Brads Picks was 0 – 2 last week and is 6 – 4 in the post season and  164 – 100 – 2  on the year.  Here’s what happened last week:
Atlanta 44, Packers 21  –  It was 24 to 0 at the half.  Bad time for Rodgers to cool off, but the Packers were beat up at the WR position, enough so that they activated rookie Max McCaffrey from the PS.  Julio Jones caught 9 for 180 and two TDs, despite the Packers pretty much shutting down the run game.  Matt Ryan threw for 392 yards and 4 TDs and also had a rushing TD of 14 yards.
New England 36, Steelers 17  –  Tom the Cheater threw for 384 yards abd 3 TDs,  It was Cheaters 17, Steelers 9 at the half.  Le’Veon Bell had just 20 yards on 6 carries for the Steelers  before leaving the game with a groin injury.  His back up, DeAngelo Williams, had just 34 on 14.

this week:  SB 51:
New England (16-2) at Atlanta (13-5) –  Las Vegas says the Cheaters will win by 3.  One interesting question is whether the roof on the Houston stadium will be open or closed.  Depends on the weather, and the NFL says they’ll make the decision an hour before game time.
Anyway, I certainly want the Falcons to win.  This is only their second SB, having lost to the Broncos in SB 33.
I think Atlanta will win.  They have the 8th best scoring offense of all time, and their young defense has improved greatly over the season. HC Dan Quinn in his second season (after being the DC for Seattle), has done a great job of putting the defense together.  And OC Kyle Shanahan has, after one year of mediocrity, put together an amazing offense.  They’ll be matched by Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels.
There will be three great players on the field – Tom the Cheater, Matt Ryan, and Falcons WR Julio Jones, who is the best WR in the game today.  Josh Norman, who has spent a lot of time trying to cover Jones, describes the experience:  as “the sweet sensation of death without dying”.  I think the Matt Ryan to Julio Jones combo will be next to unstoppable.
And the Falcons have two good RBs in Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, both of whom are good receivers out of the backfield.  Cheaters have power back LeGarrette Blount.
Anyway, I expect a very good game, but I think Atlanta wins by 10 or so.  One concern is that their Center, Alex Mack, suffered a broken fibula two weeks ago,  Mack has been a stalwart for the Falcons in his first year with the team.  He’ll start, but if he can’t go for long, he’ll be replaced by Ben Garland, former Air Force and Bronco DL who has been with Atlanta for two years .  He plays Center, some DL (he scored a safety against Seattle two games ago), and special teams.  I’m expecting a good game from Garland.