Not The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

I’m sorry I missed last week’s game and I won’t be able to deliver another one for this week. Between projects picking up at work and traveling / family things at home, I just haven’t had the time to dive into the stats and write something good. Instead, I’ll write briefly about what I’ve watched over the past two weeks and add some news:

We played so solid against the Buccaneers it was difficult to find 10 things I didn’t like. That’s it. It was unfortunate to see Siemian get injured and leave the game shortly before the half. Lynch filled in okay, but nothing to write home about.

Before going into the Atlanta Falcons game, I want to note that Kubiak was sent to the hospital after the game for flu-like symptoms. QB Coach, Greg Knapp, handled play-calling in the fourth quarter. It appears Kubiak suffered from a complex migraine and will be released from the hospital today. Nothing to worry about.

The game exposed our defensive line in the run game, which I’ve brought up before. I wouldn’t worry about the passing game. After the first touchdown we slowed down the Falcon’s offense. We’re the first team this year to hold them less than 31 points. The game was not the result we wanted, but take this as a good note.

The announcers constantly brought up the offensive line getting ran over. However, QB Paxton Lynch is responsible for some of the blame here. He held the ball more than 5 seconds on too many occasions to count. The ball has to be out of his hands within 3 seconds. Coaches always talk about the internal timer and he didn’t seem to have it activated all game.

Obviously, we haven’t had a good run game as of late so the offensive line still needs work. Stephenson coming back will certainly help.

With all of that said, I suppose we can close the door on the possibility of Paxton Lynch taking the starting role from Trevor Siemian. We witnessed in both games that he definitely has the skills and the ability to play in the NFL, but not enough knowledge and experience. For now, Trevor Siemian is our best bet in the road to a repeat Super Bowl victory. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings or the Falcons make it.