Brads NFL Picks Week Four 2016

Brads NFL Picks  Week Four  2016

Brads Picks was  7-9   last week and is  26-22 on the season.  Here’s the good, bad and ugly from last week
the good:
Miami 30, Browns 24 (OT)  –  Miami played down to its opponent.  Browns were down to their 3rd QB, rookie Cody Kessler (USC, 3rd round).
Broncos 29, Cincinnati 17  –  Young QB Trevor Siemian had an uneven start in his first road game, but finished with 312 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 INTs (first ever NFL QB to do that in his first road start).  Broncos owned the 4th quarter.
Green Bay 34, Lions 27  –  Lions 10, GB 0 in the 4th quarter to make it look closer than it was.
Seattle 37, 49ers 18  –  It was 30-3 at the end of the 3rd.
Kansas City 24, Jets 3  –  Jets turned it over 8 times, 6 on INTs by Fitzpatrick.
Falcons 45, New Orleans 32  –  Devonta Freeman had 152 yards on just 14 carries against a sorry Saints D.  A 90 yard pick six by Deion Jones helped pad the Falcons win.  Still, you have to take notice that the Saints O put up 32 points.
Dallas 31, Bears 17  –  Dallas’ rookie QB, Dak Prescott, hasn’t thrown an INT so far (99 passes).  Brian Hoyer wasn’t bad for the Bears (Jay Cutler sat on his sore thumb) – he threw two TDs with no INTs.  But a 24 – 3 halftime lead was insurmountable.
the bad:
Raiders 17, Tennessee 10  –  17 – 3 at the half.  
Ravens 19, Jacksonville 17  –  Ravens 13, Jags 7 at the half.  16-14 at the end of the 3rd.  With a minute or so to go, it was Jags 17, Ravens 16 but a 54 yard FG by the Ravens gave them the win.
Reds 29, NY Giants 27  –  Close game, but Eli Manning threw two INTs, Kirk Cousins didn’t throw any.  A late FG by the Reds gave them the win.
Rams 37, Tampa Bay 32  –  Close game.  Rams got 7 on a 77 yard scoop and score.
Jameis Winston threw for over 400 yards but looked like a total idiot on the last play of the game when, from about the Rams 30, he dropped to pass.  Not finding a receiver open, he left the pocket and shuffled forward.  He shuffled at least 5 yards past the LOS, still looking to throw.  Then he got tackled from behind.  That was the last play of the game.  Bucs still had a time out they could have used.
Indianapolis 26, Chargers 22  –  Colts 20, Chargers 19 at the end of the third.   Colts won on a late 63 yard score from Andrew Luck to TY Hilton (2 point attempt failed).
the ugly:
Buffalo 33, Cardinals 18  –  Cards just aren’t playing up to the pre season hype.  A loss at home to the Brady-less Cheaters, then a win at home over the Bucs, then a loss to the Bills, who were 0-2.
Vikings 22, Carolina 10  –  Carolina jumped out to a 10 – 0 lead but then the Viking defense took over, sacking Cam Newton 8 times.
Philadelphis 34, Steelers 3  –  Eagles are looking good with a new HC and a rookie QB but no one saw this stomping of the Steelers.
New England 27, Texans 0  –  Cheaters were down to their rookie QB Jacoby Brissett and they still stomped a previously unbeaten team.
this week:  off this week:  Philadelphia, Green Bay.
the TNF game:
Miami (1-2) at Cincinnati (1-2)  –  Tough call.  Dolphins needed OT to beat the Browns las Sunday, and the Bengals got pounded by the Broncos.  On a short wek, take the home team, the Bengals.
the 11:00 MDT games:
Indianapolis (1-2) at Jacksonville (0-3) (In London)  –  Division game. Pretty much a toss up, but take the Jags.  They played the Bills last year in London (and won 34 – 31). 
Carolina (1-2) at Atlanta (2-1)  –  Division game.  Panthers  got trounced at home last week by the Vikings, while the Falcons got a monday night win at New Orleans.Panthers seem to be suffering from a Super Bowl hangover.  I’ll take Atlanta.
Oakland (2-1) at Baltimore (3-0) –  Neither team has looked great in amassing a total of 5 wins.  Raiders played at Tennessee last week so a second long road trip for them.
Take the Ravens.
Detroit (1-2) at Chicago (0-3)  –  Division game.  Both teams were on the road last week.  Jay Cutler is probably out again with a thumb injury so look for Brian Hoyer, who was decent last week at Dallas.  Take Detroit as the better of tow not so good teams.
Tennessee (1-2)  at Houston (2-1)  –  Division game.  Houston is off a mini-bye, after getting pounded at New England ten days ago.  Titans are coming off a tough loss to the Raiders.  Should be a good game but take Houston.
Buffalo (1-2) at New England (3-0)  –  Division game.  NE is off a mini-bye.  Brady is still suspended and the Cheaters other two QBs, Jimmy  Garoppolo  and Jacoby Brissett, were both injured the last I heard.  But since the Cheaters haven’t brought in another QB, I assume at least one is good to go.  WR Julian Edelman would be the emergency QB.  I’d like to see the Bills win but, alas, we all know that the Cheaters have sold their soul to both devils.  Take the Cheaters.
Seattle (2-1) at NY Jets (1-2)  –  Russell Wilson is gimpy with a bad knee and the Jets have a very good D line so maybe he won’t be able to extend plays so well.  Ryan Fitzpatrick was terrible last week (6 INTs) at Arrowhead, but being at home should help.  Hard to figure but I’ll take the Jets.
Cleveland (0-3) at Washington (1-2)  –  Take Washington.  Browns are on their second road trip – last week they played into OT at Miami.
the 2:05 MDT game:
Denver (3-0) at Tampa Bay (1-2)  –   Second home game in a row for the Bucs, second road game in a row for the Broncos.  Bucs are a pass happy team, but they have to face the no fly zone this week.  I think the Broncos can pull out a win, but it won’t be easy.  Unless it is.
the 2:25 MDT games:
Los Angeles (2-1) at Arizona (1-2)  –  Division game.  Rams won in the desert last year, and may again this year.  But I’ll take the Cardinals.  Both teams played back east last week so that evens out.
New Orleans (0-3) at San Diego (1-2)  –  Saints have no defense and here comes Phillip Rivers.  Drew Brees just isn’t as good outdoors as inside.  Take San Diego.
Dallas (2-1) at San Francisco (1-2)  –  Could be close but take the Cowboys.
the SNF game:
Kansas  City (2-1) at Pittsburgh (2-1) –  Chiefs hammered the Jets at Arrowhead last week while the Steelers got hammered at Philly.  I bet the Steelers will take it out on the Chiefs.
the MNF game:
NY Giants (2-1) at Minnesota (3-0)  –  Vikings have maybe the best defense in the league.  It will be terrifically loud for the Giants offense.