Broncos at Cardinals: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

Last night we witnessed what the quarterback of our future, Paxton Lynch, is capable of. We also witnessed why he isn’t our starting quarterback. He requires at least another full season to learn the system and all the parts of being a quarterback. A quarterback just doesn’t throw the ball; They have to read the defense and setup the offense to succeed. He is partially to blame for the poor play of the offensive line.

One person I’m not going to throw on the list of bad things is Punter Riley Dixon. After the game, head coach Kubiak stated that Dixon was requested to try some new techniques during the game. Here are the 10 things I liked and the the 10 things I didn’t:

10 things I liked:

  1. WR Jordan Taylor was awesome, but he did miss two passes
  2. NT Darius Kilgo had moments of getting in the backfield against a really good Cardinals’ offensive line
  3. Only 3 penalties all game
  4. S Ryan Murphy was everywhere the ball was taking a total of 8 tackles.  He’ll probably be a practice squad player, however.
  5. OLB Sadat Sulleyman was always near the ball too – another practice squad player
  6. G Connor McGovern played very well despite a very poor offensive line all game
  7. Despite an otherwise poor offensive line, RB Kapri Bibbs managed to get 5.1 average yards per touch
  8. ILB Zaire Anderson
  9. Despite all the pressure, QB Paxton Lynch did very well minimizing turnovers
  10. WR Mose Frazier has strong hands. There was one hit I thought he’d lose the ball for sure, but held on

10 things I didn’t like:

  1. CB Taurean Nixon looked bad again
  2. ILB Dwayne Norman missed several tackles, even though he co-lead the team with 8
  3. T Justin Murray was constantly burned
  4. T Lars Hanson let defenders slip by all game
  5. In general, we couldn’t keep the offense on the field. Of 60 minutes, only 21:19 of it did the offense stay on the field.
  6. S Will Parks looked his worse all preseason
  7. CB John Tidwell kept wide receivers open all game again
  8. CB Lorenzo Doss has his worse game by far
  9. DE Adam Gotsis was terrible against the run
  10. DL Henry Melton did not look good this game either


This guy should’ve lost his shoes