Brock Osweiler To Sign With The Texans

Adam Scheffer confirmed it.

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Before people get tuned up, we’ll need to see exactly what the terms are of the deal with the Texans to determine if the Broncos should have tried matching it, along with other quarterbacks who are available or likely to be available.

Ian Rapoport earlier reported that the Broncos might inquire about Colin Kaepernick. Robert Griffin III is a free agent and Mark Sanchez is likely to be cut after the Eagles agreed to terms with Chase Daniel. Both RG3 and Sanchez would be street free agents and not count toward the Broncos’ compensatory pick count.

UPDATE: Here is Ian bringing up a couple of those options again.

As for Kaep, it remains to be seen if the 49ers are even interested in trading him and, if so, what their asking price is. Or the Niners could, for all we know, be prepared to give him an injury settlement and release him, which not only would mean he’d be an SFA signing, but he might be willing to take a little less money in 2016. Remember that, while Kaep’s salary is an injury-only guarantee, he was placed on season-ending IR and his agent might argue that the Niners would still be obligated to pay him the salary he is set to make.

UPDATE 1:28 PM MST: First, title fixed. Darn autocorrect and its nonsense.

Second, there is this update from Troy Renck.

If Brock is getting more than $16M per year, then the Broncos made the right decision not to extend him.

I will try to get more updates as they come in.

UPDATE 1:32 PM MST: Adam Scheffer has the details.

Of course, structure matters, but there is no way I would pay a quarterback an average salary of $18M per year based on just seven starts.

I wish Brock nothing but the best, but the right call was made to let him depart.

ETA: One other thing: The Broncos will be getting another compensatory pick with this signing. I don’t know if they would get two third-round comp picks in 2017, but getting a third and a fourth should be a lock. I’m sure Nick can provide more details there.

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