Broncos Extend Derek Wolfe For Four Years

Well, that’s one thing the Broncos can cross off their to-do list for the offseason.

And to think I was spending my time this afternoon tinkering with my offseason game plan for the Broncos. Mind you, though, that’s a good thing in this case.

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport has the contract’s total sum and some details on the breakdown. More information should be coming as to what are the full guarantees, injury-only guarantees and signing bonus.

ADDENDUM, 9 PM MT (Nick): Using Mike Klis’s report as a source, the contract breakdown for Wolfe should be something close to this:

Base Salary Prorated Bonus Roster Bonus Workout Bonus Cap
Savings (pre-June 1 cut)
2016 $4,500,000* $1,875,000* $500,000 $50,000 $6,925,000 ($5,075,000)
2017 $5,500,000^ $1,875,000* $500,000 $50,000 $7,925,000 $2,300,000
2018 $8,000,000 $1,875,000* $500,000 $50,000 $10,425,000 $6,675,000
2019 $9,000,000 $1,875,000* $500,000 $50,000 $11,425,000 $9,550,000

* fully guaranteed
^ guaranteed for injury only, fully guaranteed on the seventh day of the 2017 league year
Klis did not specify Wolfe’s base salaries for these years, but these numbers are educated guesses to sum up the total contract worth to $36.7 million
Per-game roster bonuses

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