Broncos at Chargers : The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

I’ll take a win when we get one, but I wasn’t a fan of the offense. The Broncos scored less than any other team against the Chargers. The average score against the Chargers is 28 points while we only got 17, 7 of those points coming from a defensive interception.

If we win every game the rest of this season then we are guaranteed home field in the offseason. However, the Cincinnati Bengals will be a very difficult opponent.

10 Things I Liked:

  1. Limited the Chargers’ offense to 3 points
  2. Forced 3 turnovers
  3. We gave QB Phillip Rivers his lower quarterback rating of the year
  4. 4 sacks and 7 quarterback hits on Phillip Rivers
  5. Punter Britton Colquitt punted 2 balls within the 20
  6. Our first drive was a scoring drive
  7. RB CJ Anderson ran for 42 yards on 7 carries
  8. Only 3 penalties for 18 yards
  9. 32:37 minutes of posession
  10. Held Chargers’ offense to 5 of 14 third down conversions

10 Things I Didn’t like:

  1. 10 offensive points
  2. We struggled against TE Antonio Gates
  3. 3.4 yards per rush
  4. 6 of 13 third down conversions
  5. We didn’t score on the two fumble turnovers
  6. Only 159 passing yards
  7. Interception in the red zone
  8. RB Ronnie Hillman had an average of 2.9 yards per play
  9. We should’ve challenged the Chargers secondary more often
  10. Missing 7 starters to injury by the end of the game