Patriots at Broncos: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

I’m surprised I didn’t end up in the hospital after that game. What an exciting game and an even more exciting outcome!

I’m not going to talk about penalties. There were missed penalties for both teams and I don’t think any of them had more of an effect than the other. The clock runoff at the end of regulation confused everyone and I don’t think it was fair for the Patriots. Regardless, I believe the outcome would be the same. Like I’ve said before, there were over a hundred plays where the game could’ve been won or lost. Before I go into my jive, here are some fun stats:

  • Tom Brady: 23/42 for 280 yards – 3 TD – 1 INT – 3 sacks
  • Brock Osweiler: 23/42 for 270 yards – 1 TD – 1 INT – 3 sacks

10 Things I Liked:

  1. RB CJ Anderson
  2. Only one allowed turnover
  3. Defense halted the Patriots run game (2.4 yards per carry)
  4. 36:31 ball possession time
  5. 23 offensive first downs
  6. Defense only allowed 16 Patriots first downs
  7. DE Derek Wolfe (8 tackles – 2 for a loss)
  8. Peyton Manning, seriously
  9. 9 different receivers caught the ball
  10. Orange mustaches – although, I can’t recall the announcers ever talking about it

10 Things I Didn’t Like:

  1. WR Demaryius Thomas dropping balls and/or not going after the ball
  2. Punter Britton Colquitt had 0/8 balls within the 20
  3. Patriots offense consistently had a short field to work with
  4. SS Omar Bolden fumbling the punt made my heart drop
  5. We had difficulty stopping TE Rob Gronkowski
  6. Slow start in the game on both sides of the ball
  7. DE Rob Ninkovich mauled our offensive line
  8. Losing NT Sylvester Williams, SS TJ Ward, and LG Louis Vasquez to injury
  9. QB Brock Osweiler needs to know when to throw the ball away
  10. CB Aqib Talib needs to keep his head straight and stop committing penalties

Bonus: 🙂

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