Roundup of film based Osweiler analysis

As Brock Osweiler’s first NFL start approaches, seemingly everyone interested in football on the internet has an opinion about his prospects. I tend to be more interested in the ones that take the time to study his play. With that in mind here are the film based analyses I have found so far this week. Feel free to add more links in the comments.

Bucky Brooks offers a positive view, breaking down three successful completions from the Chiefs game.

Over the past few years, I’ve watched Osweiler, who turns 25 on Sunday, show steady progress as a passer and playmaker. He has improved his passer rating during each preseason: 57.5 in 2012, 68.8 in 2013, 84.0 in 2014 and 94.2 in 2015. Most importantly, Osweiler has shown the ability to direct an offense as a precise passer from the pocket, particularly in Gary Kubiak’s system. Studying the All-22 Coaches Film from the young QB’s preseason work, I came away impressed with his accuracy, poise and decisiveness while executing the Broncos‘ passing game.

Andy Benoit and Cian Fahey highlight negative plays from the same game with the following takeaways.


To be fair, Osweiler flashed some of his physical talent in this game, but the overwhelming takeaway was that he is going to need time on the field to become a viable starter.

In this game, he showed a lack of touch as a passer, erratic accuracy and unreliable decision-making.


Instead of anticipating reads, he predetermines them, a common mistake made by young quarterbacks.