Peyton Manning Isn’t Hurt, He’s Injured

For reference, the Giants went 8-8 in 2009.

Back to Peyton: He is injured and needs to sit down, at the very least until he’s healed, and may very likely not take another snap this season.

Forget your perceptions of Brock Osweiler. Forget about the Patriots being 9-0. Forget about the Bengals being undefeated going into Monday’s game. Forget about where the Broncos may or may not be in the playoff picture. The fact is, Peyton is no longer at the point that he can keep playing through an injury.

Omar Bolden had this injury earlier this season. Not only did he miss two games when he was listed no better than questionable, the Broncos held him out an additional game when he was listed as probable.

The Broncos have rested DeMarcus Ware twice with back spasms, were careful with Ty Sambrailo before they concluded he needed surgery, and pulled Emmanuel Sanders even after he passed concussion protocol (and before that, they limited his snaps).

Peyton can’t make excuses. He needs to concede the point, recognize he is injured, and sit out for a while. And if it turns out the Chiefs’ game was his last game, he just needs to accept that’s his last game and realize he wasn’t the first legendary QB to exit on a poor outing and he won’t be the last.

I’ve been willing to give the guy a chance. But not this time.

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