OTC: QB Free Agents In 2016

Jason Fitzgerald projects contracts that quarterbacks set to enter free agency in 2016 are likely to get. One name should be familiar to Bronco fans.

Brock Osweiler, Broncos

Ryan Mallet signed for $3.5 million last season and Chase Daniel, who simply backed up Drew Brees for a few years, signed for $3.3 million so it would seem to make sense to slot Osweiler in that same range. Like those players he would probably land in a similar situation which is in a competition for a starting job on a bad team or backing up a veteran. If he can only land a backup job, sticking in Denver would probably be the best long term choice, provided they will allow him to start once Manning hangs it up.

There is, of course, another consideration: What if Peyton Manning retires after this season? Osweiler could re-sign and be named the starter.

Also of note are the veteran backups who won’t command a lot of money but will be looking for work. Matt Schaub is on the list and he knows Gary Kubiak’s system, but Drew Stanton could be an intriguing option if he doesn’t re-sign with Arizona.

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