Gut Reaction: Vernon Davis Is Now A Bronco

It’s funny how things are at Thin Air. A few weeks ago, several of you were suggesting the idea of trading for somebody like Vernon Davis.

Given today’s revelation, you’d think John Elway was reading this site or something.

Let’s do temper our expectations a bit. Davis isn’t the game breaker he used to be. It’s not likely we’re going to see him rack up 100 yards every game or cause matchup problems for every defense.

But he can fill a key role in giving the Broncos a tight end who can easily rotate in and out with the others on the roster.

Earlier today, I wrote about how Richard Gordon took a few snaps against the Packers, but Davis is somebody who can do that more often. Davis gives the Broncos exactly what they envisioned before the season: Owen Daniels rotating in and out with another tight end, while Virgil Green gets more involved in the passing game. Gordon was a start to that, but Davis allows even more flexibility. (And, no, Gordon won’t go anywhere, because Ty Sambrailo’s move to IR frees up the roster spot for Davis.)

Nick has already gone over the cost as minimal for the Broncos, plus they could still get a compensatory pick if he doesn’t stay after this season. And we all know how Elway likes accumulating those comp picks.

Are the Broncos done trading? Maybe, but who knows. If the right offer comes along, it may be tough for Elway to say no. But I suspect Elway sees Davis as the final piece of the puzzle. It’s an “all in” move without giving up what you think an “all in” move is about.

It will take some time for Davis to acclimate to the offense, but that’s all right. The Broncos want him at his best down the stretch, just as they want everyone, and given how this coaching staff is getting the most out of so many players, I have no doubt they’ll do the same with Davis.

And the move demonstrates that Elway isn’t afraid to take a chance to get somebody he thinks can improve the team and keep them in the hunt. We’ve seen him do this several times before. I have no doubts he’s already been talking to Davis, getting him excited about going from a bottom feeder to a playoff contender.

Those of you who suggested the move earlier may feel free to take a bow, though. Because it seems you may have known what Elway was thinking — that if a move can make the team better, especially at a minimal cost, you make that move.

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