Broncos at Browns: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

You smell that? That’s the smell of 6-0, or your own farts. One of the two, or both. The media still can’t stop talking about how horrible our offense is. Yet, we had 21 first downs, 36:44 of possession, and 442 total yards. Sure, you could talk about how poor the Browns defense has been this year, but I like to focus on the positives. Our defense made a clutch stop at the end of the 4th quarter and in overtime, while the offense made a clutch win. You can’t ignore that the offense traveled 72 yards in the final series of the game to setup the game-winning field goal. Moving on…

10 Things I Liked:

  1. We won?
  2. 152 rushing yards
  3. Both Sanders and DT had over 100 yards passing
  4. Another Pick-6 brought to you by Talib
  5. Shaq Barrett – 6 solo tacks, 1.5 sacks, and 3 tackles for loss
  6. Trevathan had 10 tackles and 7 solo tackles
  7. 0 sacks on Manning
  8. Moving the ball in the final series on offense
  9. Aggressive defense throughout the end
  10. Ronnie Hillman – 5.6 ypc for 111 total yards

10 Things I Didn’t Like:

  1. 3 Turnovers
  2. Dropped passes – One led to an interception
  3. Two passing touchdowns from McCown
  4. Personal fouls
  5. Shane Ray’s injury (Out 4-6 weeks with MCL strain)
  6. Latimer needs to get on the same page as Manning
  7. Karlos Dansby is an underrated player that kicked our butt yesterday
  8. Colquitt is regressing
  9. Virgil Green needs more targets – he was wide open several times
  10. McManus has scored more than the offense (although, it’s a good thing because he’s helping us win games)

Bonus: Manning gets a pancake:

Bonus 2: I just love this monster hit by Shaq.