Balance, Compromise, or Koobs v. Manning

We’ve talked all season about needing to protect Manning and the ability to run the football. Against the Browns, the offensive line didn’t give up a single sack, allowed only two QB hits and plowed the way for 150 yards rushing (though strangely [EDIT: only Evan Mathis] graded positively, per PFF).

So why is everyone so unhappy?

From the comments after the game yesterday, it seems like folks are now talking about running the Manning offense or the Kubiak offense. Can Manning run the full Kubiak offense? No, but he did roll out a number of times against the Browns, successfully. The ZBS finally opened up some running lanes. Manning threw for 290 yards, but he also threw to horrific interceptions.

Were those interceptions the result of running a play from the “Kubiak” offense? When the Broncos go three-wide, is that a part of the Kubiak offense? Are they calling passing plays from the Koobs offense that Manning isn’t comfortable with or can’t execute?

I’m asking seriously, because I don’t know the answer.

Part of the problem is simply that the Broncos only have two receiving threats this year. Their refusal to use Virgil in the passing game is baffling. And no matter how much Peyton or Koobs might not like it, they need to get either Fowler or Latimer more snaps. Norwood (47 plays on Sunday) and Bubba simply aren’t getting it done.

Or, as our old friend, Ted Bartlett put it:

Could it be that putting Latimer outside and Sanders inside is the answer? How about using Folwer extensively in the slot? What are your solutions, other than making a change at the QB position?