This NFL Problem Won’t Go Away Any Time Soon

The first trailer for “Concussion” has been released, generating much discussion about how the film, to hit theaters on Christmas Day, will paint the NFL regarding its previous attempts to cover up the effects of concussions on players.

Now comes this USA Today article which covers scenes in early script drafts that were removed, most that would not make the NFL happy.

There will be those who may believe the public is simply tired of these issues and wants them to go away. And, no, there’s no sign that the NFL is going to go out of business if the public does get too upset.

But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking the concussion issue will just go away, particularly if the movie gets strong reviews from critics and theater goers. If it does get strong reviews, it’s more likely the issue becomes a greater problem for the NFL to confront.

Pro Football Focus Ratings for 49ers at Broncos

The defense is the thing we’re all talking about now with the impressive pass rush. As I mentioned on my 10 Things I Liked and 10 Things I Didn’t Like , one of the things I didn’t like was the rushing defense and Pro Football Focus confirms my initial feelings for the first team defense.

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