PFF: Panic Levels For 0-2 Teams

Pro Football Focus talks about the teams that started the season 0-2 and whether or not it’s time for those teams to worry about their playoff fates.

Briefly commenting on PFF’s stances:

Seahawks: I agree that the Seahawks don’t have too much to worry about. They get Chicago and Detroit next and both teams are struggling, so Seattle could be 2-2 going into a road contest against Cincinnati. If Seattle is 3-3 after its first six games (Carolina is the Week 6 matchup), the team should still be in position to make the playoffs. The only question is whether or not the Seahawks can win the division, given how well Arizona is playing.

Indianapolis: The Colts could easily be 3-2 after the next three weeks. There’s the benefit of playing in a weak division. With that said, the Colts do not strike me as a Super Bowl contender and need a dominant performance in at least two of those games to show otherwise. If they struggle to win all of them, their playoff spot may be secure, but a Super Bowl trip won’t be.

Philadelphia: PFF has more about the Eagles’ struggles if you are interested. The Eagles could capitalize on a division that doesn’t look as strong now, but they need to stop being predictable on offense.

New York Giants: We’ll know more after tonight’s game against Washington. An 0-3 start for the Giants will be tough to overcome, even in a division that doesn’t look as strong as it appeared when the season started.

Houston: The Texans aren’t going to the playoffs with the quarterbacks they have and no Arian Foster to take pressure off them. This team needs to draft a QB early in 2016 and get a running back who can complement Foster and eventually take over for him or Houston won’t get any closer to playoff contention, no matter how good its defense may be.

Detroit: The Lions could easily be 0-5 to start the season. After Denver comes Seattle and Arizona. Lose two of the next three games and the Lions are done.

Chicago: As I said in my season preview, the Bears are not a team that simply needed better coaching and a few roster tweaks. The organization needed an overhaul and it will take time to get there. The only upside is Chicago could be 1-4 because they get Oakland at home. But as Baltimore found out, nothing is guaranteed against the Raiders.

New Orleans: I’m sure that one will raise eyebrows from some pundits but that’s because they base their thoughts about the Saints on past performance and what’s perceived as a weak division. But Atlanta is a better team than last year and Carolina still has plenty of talent. As I said in my season preview, the Saints resemble Mike Shanahan’s final season with the Broncos, in which bad personnel decisions took their toll. The only thing I may be wrong about is the Saints finishing ahead of the Panthers. Regardless, the writing is on the wall, no matter what some pundits may want to believe.

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